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Leaves of Absence

Due to medical disability, a leave of absence will be granted. In the event of a leave of absence, the student will have to reapply for the next available session and pay the difference, if any, of any remaining tuition.

Attendance and Tardiness

100% attendance is required. Any missed hours will have to be made up before graduation. All hours must be documented accurately. If the instructor must spend extra time with the student to make up information missed, the student will be assessed a $45.00 per hour fee due at time of make up. Students who fail to keep make up times and/or who fail to pay the fee will be dismissed. Tardiness will not be tolerated and will result in dismissal.

All classes will start on time and students are expected to be present and ready to participate at the appointed starting time. Please be present 5 minutes early.

Students are expected to notify school if they intend to withdraw from the program. Cancellation of classes may occur. All students will be notified of any change or cancellation. Additional Saturdays, or weekends would be added near the end of the program if a cancellation was necessary.

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Refund Policy

All Students desiring to attend a Yoga teacher training program will make a $800 deposit to secure their position in the school. The remaining balance shall be paid one month prior to the Yoga training program unless other financial agreements have been made between all parties. In the event of extreme circumstance such as illness or death of a family member all deposits shall be returned with proof of situation such as doctor’s note etc. Otherwise the initial deposits are non-refundable.

Anyone choosing to break their commitment to training is permitted to use any given monies in form of deposits or payments to Inspiration Yoga Institute for upcoming trainings, classes or workshops. Credit will have no expiration date and may be used anytime.

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